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Oops! Wool overpants

From the German store Allerlei Windeln I have, in addition to the Wollwetbag from the article Wollwetbag of Allerlei Windeln [review] also a wool overpants of the manufacturer Oops! in size One-Size sent. Meanwhile we could test the overpants in peace and I would like to report here from my experiences.

About the manufacturer Oops! and the store

In the Etsy store of Oops! I find some information about the Irish manufacturer. I can read there that the first wool overpants were created as an order when a mom asked the grandmother to sew cloth diapers for her granddaughter. These overpants are now also sold in some German stores. The design changes all the time so it doesn't get boring. So I can read it on the Etsy site as well. Baby slippers and scarves are also available from Oops!

The online store Allerlei Windeln specializes in wool overpants. In addition to the wool overpants, you can also buy everything else that goes with them, such as liners or wetbags.

Diaper description

Oops! Wollüberhose One-Size. Aufnahme der gesamten Windel, liegend auf einem weißen Untergrund.Oops! Wollüberhose One-Size. Aufnahme der Windel von innen.

As the name suggests, it is an overpant that serves only as a wetness protector. For diapering an additional absorbent layer is needed. The overpants are closed by a simple row of press studs.

The wool overpants from Oops! are available in two different sizes: Mini/ Newborn (2.5 - 5.5kg) and One-Size (6 - 15kg), where I refer to the manufacturer's specifications.

Oops! Wollüberhose One-Size. Detailaufnahme eines Beinbündchens.Oops! Wollüberhose One-Size. Detailaufnahme des Rückenbündchens.

On the legs, the overpants has simple cuffs. The diaper also has cuffs on the back and stomach for a better fit and to prevent leakage of stool or urine. In the waist height it can be reduced by three steps with the help of two snaps.

The diaper is available at Allerlei Diapers and costs between €25 and €35.


As with many overpants, the material is quickly described here. It is made of 100% merino wool. That is, it must be greased before use and also after each wash, so that it can serve as a wetness protector.

The wool overpants in the test

Oops! Wollüberhose One-Size. Meine Tochter trägt die Höschenwindel.

I now had a relatively long time to test the wool overpants from Oops! in One-Size together with my daughter. In the beginning, she often had red lint residue on her skin when the overpants had contact with urine. This got much better over time and by now there is no sign of it anymore.

At the beginning, my daughter weighed about 5.5kg and we used the smallest waist height setting. So it fit us a little earlier than the manufacturer stated. Now she weighs about 6.5kg and we have increased the diaper by one step because otherwise it does not close properly on the legs. However, with very narrow babies, it could be that the overpants can not be closed tightly enough on the belly.

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We used the overpants mainly during the day in combination with different inserts, prefolds or muslin diapers. When we used only one (thin) liner, the diaper did not seal well on the legs and clothes could easily draw wetness. Overall, the diaper left hardly any marks even after prolonged use.

Washing and drying

According to the manufacturer, the diaper should be washed by hand with a wool detergent. In doing so, I had no problems at all. Initially, some red fluff came off, but this was no longer the case after several washes. It is important to re-grease the diaper after each wash. I have a tutorial on greasing in the article Grease wool? Easily done! [Instructions].

Conclusion on the wool overpants from Oops!

The wool overpants from the Irish manufacturer Oops! are relatively inexpensive wool overpants. I would recommend washing them several times before use so that no wool residue sticks to the child when they get wet. When we used them with two inserts (or a prefold or muslin diaper) the diaper fit well, barely left any marks.

*This isan affilate link. If you buy from the store I get a small commission.
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