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Natalie Clauss

That is why a babywearing consultation costs money

From May 8 to 14, 2017 is European Babywearing Week 2017. In the course of EBW I have prepared several blog articles for you.

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It doesn't happen that often anymore, but especially in the beginning I was often asked why a babywearing consultation costs money, who pays for such a thing and why it is even necessary. I would like to explain to you in this blog article why a babywearing consultation cannot be free of charge and why that is a good thing.

First of all, the training to become a babywearing consultant needs to be funded. Yes, that's right, babywearing consultants are usually trained by a special babywearing school and this training costs money. Depending on the school, the costs for the first course, the first module or the basic course are between 400€ and 800€. The prospective Trageberaterin gets then depending upon Trageschule a Tragetuch and/or a Tragehilfe with as starter package. The training is usually not in the immediate vicinity, so that travel and accommodation costs are added.

After the training, however, it really starts, the assortment for consultations must be built up, because most consultants do not have complete equipment before the training, but perhaps a carrying aid and a sling. But that's not enough if I also want to offer parents choices. Everyone has different preferences and needs, everyone has a different body type, so a certain number of slings and carriers is necessary so that comprehensive advice can be given at all. The value of my current range is over 4000€, just to give you an idea. Of course, a babywearing consultant, especially not in the beginning, does not need such an extensive assortment and yet I notice again and again how beneficial it is. Just because I don't find a baby carrier suitable for me doesn't mean it has to be the same for others. There are also costs for advertising, such as flyers, website, etc., as well as insurance costs.

Then there are the costs for further education, which are necessary to stay up to date and also for the exchange with other babywearing consultants. These trainings start at around 80€, and then go up quite a bit, depending on the chosen topic and lecturer.

For me, this puts me at about 5000€ spent in total. I take 30€ per hour in a babywearing consultation. That means I have to consult 160 hours alone to get the cost back out.

And that was just the cost alone. On top of that, there is the time I invest. I read up on new manufacturers, new carriers, changes in carriers, etc. I also look at tying methods and learn them. Also, a consultation is not just pure paid consultation time. No, I have email or phone contact beforehand, have to think about what exactly might be useful, pack the appropriate things, travel time is also added. Afterwards, I write an email again with videos about the tying method shown or the type of carrier chosen. I also send appropriate links and information about carrying in the email. All this takes time.

I do not want to make clear with this that I should earn more. No, I am completely satisfied! I get a lot of appreciation in my work, usually the parents are very grateful for my help, even if it costs something. What I get for babywearing advice is what I have earned and what all the other babywearing consultants have earned. I love my work, it is not about becoming rich with it. Then I would have chosen the wrong job. It's worth so much when your (side) job is more than just a job.

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