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Natalie Clauss

Veru PidiPuk contour diaper

From Sawa Nordt, who owns the (online) store Grünkind, I was sent a newborn contour diaper from Veru to test. How my experiences with this diaper are, you can read below.

Information about the manufacturer and the store

On the website of Veru I can read that behind the company is the person Veronika Trkolovà. This is where the name Veru comes from. The website also says that it is a small Czech company, which, as they write themselves, make all products with love and honesty. The product range includes various cloth diapers and accessories for children and mothers.

Behind the store Grünkind from Darmstadt is Sawa Nordt, who herself is a babywearing and cloth diaper consultant. In her store there are cloth diapers, slings and baby carriers, as well as clothing.

Diaper description

Veru PidiPuk-Konturwindel. Gesamtaufnahme der Windel von oben.Veru PidiPuk-Konturwindel. Aufnahme der Windel mit Einlagen von innen.

Veru 's contour diaper is available in two sizes. As a newborn diaper, it is called PidiPuk and is said to fit from 2.5kg to 8kg, according to the manufacturer. Finally, the larger one-size diaper is said to fit from 4kg to 15kg and is called PUK. The diaper costs at Grünkind in the store in one color 12.50€ and with motif 15€. Thus, it is rather cheap compared to other contour or pant diapers.

Veru PidiPuk-Konturwindel. Detailaufnahme des Beinausschnitts.Veru PidiPuk-Konturwindel. Detailaufnahme des Rücken- und Bauchabschlusses.

The diaper tested is a contour diaper. This is a fairly simple system without closures such as Velcro or snaps. I closed the diaper with a diaper clip, a Snappi, so it would maintain its fit. There are no elastics on the PidiPuk, but there is a long insert sewn in. The insert sewn in the front can be used individually and placed several times where the most absorbency is needed. In addition, a small absorbent pad can also be used as a booster. Alternatively, you can also use this as a washcloth. Also included is a diaper fleece, which keeps the skin drier. However, this does not have to be inserted.


Veru PidiPuk-Konturwindel. Detailaufnahme des Innenmaterials.

Outside this contour diaper is made of cotton jersey, so 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The inside is 70% bamboo viscose, 28% organic cotton and 2% polyester. The bamboo viscose makes the inside of the diaper look shiny and is very soft. The jersey fabric on the outside makes the diaper slightly stretchy, making it easier to fit around the child.

Veru PidiPuk contour diaper under test.

It is very flexible to adjust. If it is still too big from the waist height, it can be folded down a bit. Thus, it also grows with the use of snaps. The elastic outer fabric allows the fabric to pull a little, which is very pleasant. For closing I have used a Snappi.

Veru PidiPuk-Konturwindel. Meine Tochter trägt die Konturwindel ohne Verkürzung.Veru PidiPuk-Konturwindel. Meine Tochter trägt die Konturwindel mit verkürzter Leibhöhe.

The sewn-in insert I put double in the middle area, so that the diaper could suck more in this area. The insert can be placed individually here. The additional insert, the booster, I did not need, but can be used for increased absorbency. The suction of the diaper has also been good enough overnight. The included fleece can be used to keep the skin drier. However, since my daughter tends to have dry skin, we did not need this. It's nice that I can decide this completely individually and depending on the situation.

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We tried the Veru contour diaper with different overpants. Since the diaper is not very thick, this fit well with many overpants without any part of the diaper peeking out. This would have otherwise drawn wetness from the clothing. Slip-on overpants such as disana or hu-da were completely unproblematic, but Blueberry Capri or the wool snap overpants from Allerleiwindeln also fit well.

Washing / Drying

According to the manufacturer, the diaper can be washed at max. 60 degrees, as well as dried in the gentle program in the dryer. Since we do not have a dryer, I can not judge this here. However, washing was completely unproblematic. The diaper dried quickly on the line, because the insert is not completely sewn and so all layers are relatively thin. Even after repeated washing, the diaper is still pleasantly soft.

Conclusion on the contour diaper from Veru

The PidiPuk contour diaper from Veru convinced me in the test. It can be flexibly adjusted, has good absorbency and overall a very good price-performance ratio. If I didn't already have so many diapers, I would definitely order more of these diapers from Grünkind now!

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