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Natalie Clauss

WrapStar from Kokadi

The WrapStar from Kokadi has not been on the market that long, but consulting parents are asking more and more often for this baby carrier. You can read about my experiences with it here.

Information about the carrier and first impressions

The fact that more and more people are asking about Kokadi baby carriers is due to the fact that Kokadi is now one of the best-known German manufacturers of baby carriers and slings. In 2010, the manufacturer was founded by Ceyda Temur. On the website it is described that they want to combine sustainability and design in their products. When in 2014 the subsidiary Pupidu was founded, which produces cloth diapers, Ceyda Temur took another step in this direction. (Note August 2022: Kokdai has since stopped producing cloth diapers).

The carrier, just like most of Kokadi 's other carriers, is available in three different sizes. According to the manufacturer, the Babysize size should fit from birth to about size 80, the next size Toddlersize then from size 74 to size 98 and the last size Toddler XL should fit from size 86 to about size 111. In my experience, the width of the Toddlersize was no longer sufficient for size 86/92, so I would change to the next size before that. Here, however, as with the TaiTai and the Flip, the back part is very long.

More about the Kokadi Wrapstar

I give a short and concise summary of the Wrapstar in my short introduction on Youtube.

Der WrapStar von Kokadi an einer Schneiderpuppe.

The WrapStar is one of the wrap conversions, as the straps can be fanned out on the shoulder. At the same time, it also has a buckle on the belly strap and could also be counted as a half-buckle carrier at the same time. The new price of the carrier is between 139€ and 189€, depending on the model. This makes it a bit more expensive than most other wrap conversions.

The belly strap is wrapped in black cotton fabric and padded with foam. The buckle is centered, meaning it closes in the middle. It is also a so-called "safety buckle", which is opened with three points. The waist belt is, as typical for Kokadi, very firm and stable.

The straps, as with most other wrap conversions, are not padded. They are attached in small darts to the back of the carrier, which allows them to fan out nicely. The bar adjustment is done with the help of Velcro, allowing for an infinite adjustment to the baby. The head support can be attached to the straps with snaps. The width at the neck can be adjusted with elastic and buttons.

When wearing

The WrapStar is very popular in my consultations. The straps are nice and easy to fan out, but are not quite as wide on the shoulder as other wrap conversions, so they restrict arm movement a little less. At the same time, the buckle on the waist belt, and also the firmness and width of the belt, is often very comfortable for parents.

Ich trage den Kokadi WrapStar mit meinem Sohn auf dem Rücken.

For example, parents prefer the WrapStar to the WrapTai, which differs only in the waist belt. I will write you a test report on this soon.

The straps can be tightened well, both at the weight of a newborn, as well as my 3-year-old son. The abdominal belt I personally find the WrapStar somewhat pressing and therefore unangenehem on the stomach when wearing longer. With babies, this is not so noticeable.


In general, I could not find any preference among the parents from my Tratragenatatungen bspw. of slender or corpulent parents. This makes it clear how important it is to test carriers and how difficult it is to say in general whether a carrier fits and is comfortable or not.


According to the manufacturer, a WrapStar made of pure cotton can be washed at 60 degrees. Other materials may be more sensitive and must be washed more gently, just follow the washing instructions of the manufacturer. I myself have washed the stretcher only by hand, but had no problems.


The stretcher is qualitatively good, I could not find any defects. In terms of price, it is slightly above the average wrap conversions.

Ich trage den Kokadi WrapStar mit meiner Demopuppe.

In terms of wearing, I found it very comfortable and snug on the straps. The belly strap was a little too tight for me personally and pressed through it. Parents from my consultations felt just this firmness and especially the buckle on the waist belt as a great advantage.

Overall, the WrapStar generally allows both the wearer and the baby or toddler an ergonomic posture. What is important here is the personal feeling and the fit.

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