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Natalie Clauss

Buzzidil Versatile (Standard)

Some time ago, I wrote a review of the Buzzidil in baby size. Now here are my experiences with the newer Buzzidil, the Buzzidil Versatile, in the standard size.

About the manufacturer Buzzidil

The Buzzidil company was founded in Vienna in 2010. Buzzidil is now a widespread brand in the baby carrier market. In the meantime, there are three different baby carriers from Buzzidil and the original Buzzidil baby carrier was also repeatedly adapted and improved until the Buzzidil Vers atile was created. There are also slings, doll carriers and more in their store.

The website states that they purposely make the Buzzidil baby carrier in multiple sizes so that they don't have to compromise on fit at the beginning or end of the babywearing period.

Information about the Buzzidil Versatile baby carrier

As you could already gather from the preceding, the Buzzidil Versatile is available in three different sizes. According to the manufacturer, the baby size should fit from birth to 18 months. Standard from 2 months to 36 months and XL finally from an age of 8 months up to 48 months.

With the Babysize I have made the experience that the bar width no longer fits significantly earlier and it can therefore rarely be used longer than 12 months. Standard fits in my experience approximately from size 62 to about size 86/92. Very few children still have this size at 36 months. XL I could not test so far, unfortunately, which is why I can not judge this information.

The tested carrier belongs to the full-buckle carriers, so to the carriers that are completely to buckle. New, the carrier usually costs just under 140 €. This puts it in the middle of the price range when compared to other carriers.

In comparison to the older Buzzidil version, the length of the straps and the adjustability of the connecting buckle in the neck have changed. In addition, another adjustment option was added to the front of the carrier (pad buckles).

Buzzidil Versatile. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts und der Stegeinstellung.Buzzidil Versatile. Detailaufnahme eines Trägers.

The belly strap of the carrier is tapered, so it is slightly wider at the front than at the sides. It is relatively well padded. Thus, it should allow for a comfortable weight distribution. The web width adjustment is done with two drawstrings. There is an additional padded piece of fabric at the back of the baby's knees.

The straps are covered with cotton fabric and well padded. There are three adjustments on the straps, two at the bottom and another at the top front. The connecting buckle can be pulled much tighter on the new version and can also be adjusted in height here. The straps can be attached to the waist belt, as well as to the back section.

The attachment to the back part I would recommend for larger babies, because it increases the pressure on the back. The relatively large head support, typical of Buzzidil, can be gathered. The neck width can be adjusted with the help of a drawstring.

When wearing

I tested the carrier with my son, my daughter and the demo dolls from my babywearing consultations. I was also able to evaluate how well it fit and how comfortable it was several times with the parents during the consultations. For my son, who was wearing size 92/98 at the time, the stay width was not quite enough anymore, so I would choose the next size up here. Overall, I was a bit skeptical before testing because I didn't find the "regular" Buzzidil very comfortable to wear.

However, the Buzzidil Versatile surprised me. The strap length was adjusted well, so I still had some wiggle room, even though I am quite narrow. I was also able to adequately tighten the connecting buckle at the neck. The further adjustment option, at the front of the carrier, I also find very good, because I can thus adjust the pressure distribution on the shoulders again better. When wearing I noticed no pressure points and the straps and the waist belt distributed the weight very pleasant.

Buzzidil Versatile. Ich trage meine Tochter vor dem Bauch.

With my daughter, as well as in the consultations, it showed that the carrier fits well from about size 56/62. Again, narrow women found the carrier quite comfortable and we were able to adjust it well. The system with the two straps to tighten is sometimes perceived as more complicated, other parents find just this system good. This again shows how important it is to try things out.

Crossing the straps is also theoretically possible, but turns out to be not quite as easy due to the safety buckles on the straps.


I washed the baby carrier only by hand and had no problems. According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be washed at 30 degrees in the hand wash program at max. 500 revolutions in the washing machine.

Conclusion on the Buzzidil Versatile

The Buzzidil has improved significantly as the Buzzidil Versatile. It now fits slim people well and is definitely very comfortable on the shoulders. The price-performance ratio is good, I could not find any qualitative defects.

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