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Limas baby carrier (2017 model)

Limas is still a relatively young manufacturer from Hesse. Last year, there was initially only one carrier of the manufacturer, the Limas baby carrier. This I have been in the consulting range for some time and now also tested with my daughter, as well as previously with my son. I would like to report on my experiences here.

Information about the carrier and the manufacturer

Limas is a manufacturer from the Hessian Kelsterbach near Frankfurt. It was founded by Philipp and Anna Sauer. At first there was only one baby carrier from Limasbaby. Meanwhile, the company carries three different baby carriers and also from the original carrier there is now a new model, the 2018 model, so that the old model is now gradually phased out. However, since it is still sold a lot and is also available good used, I describe here the "old" model 2017.

The Limas baby carrier is a half-buckle. The belly strap is closed with a buckle and the straps are for tying. According to the manufacturer, the carrier should fit from 3kg to 15kg, or size 50 to 86. In my opinion, the kilo specifications have very little meaning, as my son weighs less than 15kg at size 104. In my experience, the bar width was also already too narrow for many babies with size 86, although of course this also depends on the proportions of the child. For newborns with size 50, the carrier could still be a little too big for narrow babies.

You can buy this baby carrier from 119€. Currently, individual models are reduced in the store of Limasbaby and are sold out.

In addition to Limasbaby directly, the Limas model 2017 can also be purchased through other online stores, such as Natürlich Familie. Here it is available from 119€*.

Der Bauchgurt der Limas Tragehilfe.

The waist belt on this carrier is straight and relatively narrow. It is closed laterally with a buckle on the padding, where the webbing with the buckle is pushed through a safety rubber band. This also prevents the padding from slipping. The bar adjustment is done by Velcro and is thus stepless.

The back section can be shortened by twisting it in and tying it through loops on the abdominal belt. The stretcher is then worn "apron". However, I personally do not recommend this, at least not for women shortly after birth, because the knot then presses into the gap of the abdominal muscles.

Die Träger der Limas Tragehilfe.

The straps are unpadded and attached to the back with darts. They can be easily fanned out, although they do not go over the shoulder. Towards the bottom they become narrower and accordingly cannot be fanned out over the baby's bottom.

The gatherable head support can be attached to the straps with straps. The neck width can be adjusted with a drawstring, although I would prefer tying with straps or tilting the straps to avoid point pressure.

When wearing

Ich trage meinen großen Sohn Noah in der Limas.Ich trage meine neugeborene Tochter Mina in der Limas.

In testing with my son, I found the belly strap to be less than stable. It tilted a bit even when I pulled the straps very tight. The width of the bar just did not fit him with size 86, even if I increased it a little with the straps. On the shoulders, the stretcher was basically comfortable, although I clearly felt the pressure from his weight. Here I would have liked to fan out the straps over the buttocks to achieve more support.

With my daughter, the carrier fit just fine from birth. I don't use the shortened back section for this, but instead put the carrier on like a podaegi so that her bottom is supported by the knot of the straps. This allows me to adjust the length of the back part individually.

In the babywearing consultations, however, I have already made the experience several times that this variant is not so easy for the parents. Alternatively, the back can be shortened by tying the straps. I can also regulate the neck width. The straps slipped with me after longer wearing something inward, which bothered me.

Surprisingly, many consulting parents often find the straps very comfortable despite the lack of padding. They fit snugly and the width on the shoulders distributes the pressure well, if they fit the shoulder shape. For larger and heavier babies, the belly strap is sometimes a bit tilted, as it was for me, which can lead to pressure points.


According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be washed at 30 degrees. I myself wash it only by hand and have no problems.


The carrier is basically recommendable and meets all the criteria that make a good carrier in terms of ergonomics for Tragling and Tragenden,. Qualitatively, I can not see any shortcomings. The waist belt could be more stable and wider for me. For larger children, I would prefer padding on the straps or even wider straps at the end. Therefore, I am very excited about the manufacturer's new carrier, the Limas plus, and also the new model 2018.

Addendum September 2018

In the meantime, the 2018 model is available and I was already able to try it out. In a new article I have described what changes there were and how they affect the carrying.

Note from 07/05/2022

Limasbaby has now been part of the larger Stokke company for a short time. As part of the merger, the Limas baby carrier has again undergone some changes.

For example, the cord straps that are used to shorten the back section have been replaced with fabric straps. The fabric on the back part, where the back of your baby's knees are located when carrying, has been lightly padded. This is to prevent pressure points from the fabric.

*Thisis an affiliate link. If you buy from the store you get 5% off your first order and I get a small commission.
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