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MySol from Girasol

The MySol carrier from Girasol was one of the first carriers in my range as a babywearing consultant. Accordingly, I have been able to gain a lot of experience with it, which I would like to tell you about in this test.

In this test report you will learn everything about the MySol carrier. I also describe why I find the belly strap of this baby carrier unsuitable for heavier children and why I can still highly recommend it.

Table of contents

Information about the Mysol and first impression

The manufacturer Girasol has been around since the early 80's, which is a real rarity on the baby sling market. All products of the manufacturer are handmade in Guatemala and Mexico. On the website I find the following guiding principle of the company:

The purchase, manufacture and distribution is always guided by the principles of fair trade and sustainability.
Eine Collage mit Fotos vom Girasol MySol.

The MySol carrier has been around since 2009, and the manufacturer has patented it.

The MySol is one of the baby carriers that are only available in one size. However, this already fits premature babies and is suitable from the bar width up to about size 92. In my babywearing consultations, the carrier has usually already fit well for babies with size 44, which is very rare for carriers, especially when they are so long usable.

Another baby carrier developed by Girasol is the WrapMySol. I described this one in more detail in my review WrapMySol by Girasol. There you will find my experiences with it.

The manufacturer itself keeps vague by writing that from newborn to toddler age is suitable, but confirms my experience.

As a standard model, the MySol is one of the classic mei tai's, with both straps and waist belt being knotted. In the meantime, however, a buckle strap for the belly is also available, making it a half-buckle carrier.

In terms of price, the baby carrier is priced at 109€, while the diamond body models cost 129€. The buckle strap as a supplement is priced at 25€.

In addition to Girasol directly, the Mysol can also be purchased through other online stores, such as Natürlich Familie.*.

The special feature of the carrier is the two tunnel system, which is the only one that only the carriers of the company Tragebaby have. Through this system, the length of the back grows even better. In addition, the bar width in the lower tunnel is somewhat larger adjustable, which also makes sense, since the babies or toddlers are then already larger anyway.

The MySol is sewn entirely from sling fabric, and is padded at the straps and waist belt. At the same time, it has mostly different sides on the inside and outside, which can be swapped as the mood takes you, so I actually get two designs with the purchase. The waist belt is the only exception here, because this has the same fabric on both sides. The strap width is infinitely adjustable using Velcro.

The waist belt and the straps are compared to other carriers rather narrow and of the padding in the middle range. But they are very cuddly and soft. On the straps are small loops to which the headrest can be attached.

The headrest itself can be gathered by straps. To support the baby's head even better, if necessary, the MySol can still be adjusted in the neck area by a cord.

Presentation of the Girasol carrier in the video

In the following video, I explain the special features of the WrapMySol, but there is very little difference between the two carriers.

The differences between MySol and WrapMySol

As I just mentioned, the MySol and WrapMySol really only differ in one aspect - the carriers of the baby carriers. All other details like the waist belt, the back part, the bar adjustment are identical.

Aufnahme der Träger von WrapMySol und MySol im Vergleich.Aufnahme der Bauchgurte von WrapMySol und MySol im Vergleich.

With both baby carriers, you can choose between the waist belt for tying or the waist belt with buckle. The buckle belt can also be purchased separately.

My experience in carrying

Ich trage meinen Sohn im Girasol MySol.

The MySol has long been one of the most popular baby carriers in my babywearing consultations. As I find, not without reason. It was already a good fit for premature babies with a size of just under 44cm. Since I had no smaller babies in the consultations, I can not say from when the carrier would fit exactly. However, it can also be specially adapted for even smaller babies.

Parents tell me again and again that the carrier is so nice and soft and adapts well to the baby, but also to the parents. I can only confirm this.

When carrying my son, I initially found the padding of the straps very comfortable, as it is not so thick. However, the heavier he got, the more often I unfortunately got pain when wearing for a very long time. This started at about 8kg. For this case, however, the manufacturer Girasol has additional shoulder pads in the range, but I have not yet tried. I could imagine, however, that this is a significant improvement for heavy children. However, I also know some parents who have not yet had these problems with 10kg weight of their child.

With the waist belt to tie, I noticed that I couldn't knot it in the back because in this case the padding was in the way because I am very narrow. However, this was not a major problem so I knotted in the front. The only downside to this is that I then have two knots in the front and have to be careful to open the right knot when I open it.

At about size 86, the bar width of the stretcher had reached its maximum, so from then on the fabric no longer sat completely in the back of the knee.


The manufacturer writes that the carrier is machine washable up to 60 °. However, he recommends a wash at 40 ° in a laundry net to protect the material.

Personally, I have always washed baby carriers by hand and never had any problems. Regarding the machine washing of the MySol, I have not heard of any negative experiences. By the way, hand washing is recommended for the buckle harness.

Conclusion about the MySol

I find the MySol to be one of the best baby carriers for newborns and even premature babies. It gets soft very quickly, which makes it very cozy for the wearer.

I find the designs from Girasol appealing. What's also nice here is that I sort of have two designs in one and can switch if I want to. The two tunnel system I find very practical, so the carrier grows longer with and is quite usable for a very long time.

For heavy children, I feel the padding is not enough, the additional shoulder pads could help here. For those who do not like the knot on the belly or who find it difficult, the buckle strap is a good alternative. I would still find it better if the type of abdominal belt could be selected when buying a new one.

So overall, a highly recommended carrier that in many cases fits parents and baby very well.

Your opinion

Do you know the MySol? If so, how do you like this baby carrier? Or do you know similar carriers? Is there anything else you would like to know about this mei tai that I haven't described here?

I'm happy to read about it in a comment.

*Thisis an affilate link. If you buy from this store, you will get a 5% discount on your first order. I get a small commission for the referral.
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