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The elastic sling from Mammacita

There are now many elastic slings on the market. This also shows the enormous growth of the market for slings and baby carriers in recent years. There are now elastic slings in different price categories, motifs, stretch and from different materials.

Now I had the opportunity to try an elastic sling from the manufacturer Mammacita and would like to tell you about my experiences and introduce the manufacturer in this article.

I will describe who is behind Mammacita and what else the manufacturer offers. I'll show you what I find really great about the cloth and what bothers me. In a video I show you how to tie an elastic sling and what makes the sling from Mammacita.


Information about the manufacturer Mammacita

Mammacita, that are products for mamas and babies from love to mother and child paired with completely much midwife knowledge. So I can read it on the website of Mammacita

Behind Mammacita are the midwife Julia and her husband Benjamin. Together they live with their two children in Cyprus.

Julia founded Mammacita 14 years ago. At that time, her first daughter was born and she was searching in vain for beautiful breastfeeding clothes. She started sewing breastfeeding tops herself and they were sold in different stores, as well as online until 2017.

After the company was initially shut down, Mammacita came back in 2019. There were no more breastfeeding clothes, but a wide variety of products for moms and babies.

In addition, Julia offers online postpartum classes and an online midwifery consultation. In her midwife blog you can find many valuable articles about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and baby time. On her Youtube channel you can find interesting videos about these topics. Like this one for example:

3 effective exercises for your back formation

The previous video is an excerpt from Julia's online postpartum course. By the way, you can book her entire course as a video course or as a live course.

Information about the elastic sling

The elastic sling from Mammacita is made of 100% cotton. The sling is OECO-TEX 100 and certified vegan by PETA. Included is a storage bag, as well as tying instructions.

Aufnahme des Tragetuchs liegend auf dem Boden zusammen mit dem Aufbewahrungsbeutel und der AnleitungDetailaufnahme des elastischen Tragetuchs.Aufnahme des Kartons, in dem das Tragetuch geliefert wird.

The elastic sling is priced at about 30€ and is available, for example, on Amazon or in the online store of Mammacita directly. Thus, it is in the low price segment of elastic slings. According to the manufacturer, the sling can be used from 2.5kg to 15kg.

The sling is, like many elastic slings, rather thin, the edges are not sewn around. The center of the sling is marked with a sewn-on shield of the Mammacita logo.

It has a length of 5.40m and measures 56cm in width. It is available in plain neutral colors.

Experiences with the elastic sling from Mammacita

I have been able to try out the sling in different variations with different demo dolls from my babywearing consultations, as well as with my two-year-old daughter. In the process, I was able to gather various experiences regarding tying, wearing characteristics and comfort.

Since the fabric is very thin, the sling fits very nicely, especially with small babies and low weights. At the same time, the material provides enough stability so that the sling is comfortable even for heavier children when worn for longer periods. However, especially with heavier weights, it is important that the sling is tied really tightly and evenly.

Aufnahme der vorgebundenen Wickelkreuztrage mit Demopuppe.Detailaufnahme der gekippten Tuchkante bei der vorgebundenen Wickelkreuztrage

Since the elasticity of the sling from Mammacita is not so great, it does not give excessively when worn, which I find very pleasant. This is a factor that contributes to stability with larger children.

I find the material cotton very pleasant because it is breathable and offers more structure than, for example, bamboo. The advantage is that the fabric does not slip as easily. However, this also makes subsequent adjustments such as swapping edges on the shoulder a bit more difficult.

Detailaufnahme der Tuchbahn, die den Hinterkopf stützt bei der vorgebundenen Wickelkreuztrage.Weitere Aufnahme der vorgebundenen Wickelkreuztrage mit dem elastischen Tragetuch.

Due to the simple edges at the end of the cloth, they are not sewn around as already mentioned, it is somewhat more difficult to ensure that the head edge is firm and thus the head is adequately supported. However, there are many ways to adjust this afterwards.

By the way, the elastic sling from Mammacita should always be tied in three layers, both for small babies and for heavier children. Only in this way does it provide adequate stability and support. A physiological rounding of the back is still possible in this way.

Instructions for tying the sling

I show how you can tie the wrap cross sling pre-tied with an elastic sling.


According to the manufacturer, the sling may be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine. The dryer should not be used.

Detailaufnahme des Schildes mit den Waschhinweisen am Tragetuch.


I find the price-performance ratio of the elastic sling from Mammacita very good. It is a sling that I can use for small babies, but also for larger children, if I tie sufficiently tightly and evenly.

Detailaufnahme des aufgenähten Logos auf dem Tragetuch.

I find the pouch for transport practical, so it can be easily stored in any bag or backpack.

A single small note I have denoch: The cloth edges are the same on both sides. If the edges of the cloth were hemmed in (slightly) different colors, this would provide even better orientation when tying.

Detailaufnahme der am Kind angepassten Wickelkreuztrage mit dem elastischen Tragetuch.Detailaufnahme der Tuchbahn zum Stützen des Hinterkopfes bei der am Kind angepassten Wickelkreuztrage.

By the way, I would always buy a new elastic sling. The elasticity of many slings decreases when they have been tied a lot, and the fabric wears out. This is the case with many used elastic slings. This eventually makes it very difficult to support the head and can be frustrating to tie.

Your opinion

Do you use elastic slings? If so, what do you like about them? What do you not like about it? What manufacturer is your sling from? I look forward to reading about your experiences in the comments.

For example, I also tested the sling from HÄNSCHENKLEIN in my blog in the article Experiences with HÄNSCHENKLEIN sling and ring sling [review].

Is there a manufacturer with an elastic sling you'd like me to report on? Feel free to write me and I'll see what I can do!

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