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Natalie Clauss

BuzziBu from Buzzidil

As part of a test trip, organized by LovesBabywearing, I was allowed to test the hybrid carrier BuzziBu from Buzzidil. I have already written a test report on the Buzzidil baby carrier and the Buzzidil Versatile has been in my consulting range for some time. So I was curious to see how the BuzziBu would wear.

Information about the manufacturer Buzzidil and the BuzziBu stretcher

BuzziBu. Detailaufnahme des Buzzidil-Logos aufgenäht an der Tragehilfe.

Buzzidil is a manufacturer from Austria that produces a variety of carriers(Buzzidil Versatile, Buzzidil Evolution, Wrapidil and BuzziBu...), as well as slings and ring slings. They write on the website that all the baby carriers are ergonomic and can be used for a long time. It also describes advantages of babywearing for parents and baby. So I can read there that babywearing promotes development and at the same time parents have freedom of movement.

On the duration of use, the manufacturer itself writes that it can be used between 6 and 36 months. As Onbuhimo I would recommend the carrier from sitting age, because here is an increased pressure on the neck. With my 3-year-old son with Gr.98 the bar width was minimally too small. For 6-month-old babies, the carrier could possibly still be too large.

BuzziBu. Aufnahme der gesamten Tragehilfe liegend auf einem Holzboden

The BuzziBu belongs to the hybrid carriers. It can be used as an onbuhimo, as well as a full-buckle carrier. For this, a piece of webbing is added at the bottom to create a belly strap. The straps are then attached to the back panel. Price-wise, it ranges from just under 140€ to just under 150€ depending on the model, although I would recommend ordering from a German store to save on shipping costs.

BuzziBu. Detailaufnahme der Stegeinstellung mit den Kordelzügen.

An abdominal belt is not present in the actual sense. It is created from the supplemented webbing and the lower area of the back. There is no padding present. The web width is adjusted with the help of two drawstrings.

When used as an onbuhimo, the straps are attached to the lower buckles, which are for the waist belt in the full-buckle variant. In each case, safety buckles are used that can only be opened with three points. The straps have three adjustment options, the pad buckles in the front and two more pull options in the back. The connection buckle can be adjusted in height.

BuzziBu. Detailaufnahme der seitlichen Tasche, in die die Gurtergänzung gesteckt werden kann.

On one side of the back, there is a small pocket to put the complementary webbing for use as a full-buckle carrier. I find this very convenient because it keeps the strap from getting lost. The head support is very large, as is typical with Buzzidil, and can be attached to the back panel with straps. It can be gathered by drawstrings.

Other Buzzidil carriers that I have tested are the Buzzidil Versatile, the BuzziTai carrier, which can be used as a mei tai/half-buckle or as a full-buckle carrier, and lastly the Buzzidil Wrapidil carrier, a wrap conversion.

When carrying

BuzziBu. Aufnahme von der Seite, wie ich meinen 3-jährigen Sohn im Onbuhimo trage.BuzziBu. Aufnahme von hinten, wie ich meinen 3-jährigen Sohn im Onbuhimo trage.

I tested the BuzziBu several times with my almost 4 year old son. With him, the bar width was already a bit tight, but still usable well. As Onbuhimo I could carry my son well high, which is important here, because otherwise it quickly becomes uncomfortable on the shoulders. However, we both had thick jackets on and I'm afraid that the carrier would be slightly too long for me with summer clothes on the straps. From the wearing comfort I found the stretcher as very pleasant. The straps rested well on my shoulders and the padding did not pinch.

When using it as a full-buckle carrier, I was skeptical at first because the belly strap didn't seem particularly supportive and I thought the webbing would cut into it. However, it didn't. I was surprised myself, but it was really very comfortable. It is very convenient that only one piece of webbing must be added, which is in the bag directly on the stretcher. This gives me two carriers directly in one without having to carry a large belly strap.

For smaller children, the cord stoppers could press on the back when the carrier is used as an onbuhimo. This is because there would have to be more fabric under the bottom for the back part length to fit. Thus, the cord stoppers of the bar setting could be further inside.


According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be hand washed at 30 degrees. I would also advise hand washing to preserve the buckles.


I can recommend the baby carrier with a good conscience, although testing beforehand would be useful, as always with baby carriers. It has a good price-performance ratio. I personally found both variants to be very comfortable. The system is very well thought out and really practical with the pocket for the additional piece of webbing.

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