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Buzzidil Evolution

The Buzzidil baby carrier has been continuously developed and adapted, inspired by feedback from parents and babywearing advisors. The latest version Buzzidil Evolution has some interesting changes.

In the article, I talk about the new Buzzidil baby carrier. I show you in a video how it is built and describe the changes to the Buzzidil Versatile and how they affect carrying. I also describe why these changes make the carrier even better for a newborn.

Table of Contents

Information about the manufacturer Buzzidil

The Buzzidil company was founded in 2010 by Bettina Stomper-Rosam. She had the goal to develop the perfect baby carrier for her children, without compromise, as can be read on the website Buzzidil, by the way, comes from Austria. However, Buzzidil products are also available in German (online) stores.

Innovation and sustainability are cited as key corporate values on the website.

The aspect of innovation is reflected, for example, in the fact that Buzzidil baby carriers are constantly being adapted and thus respond to feedback from babywearing advisors and parents. In addition, Buzzidil has been an ergonomic and adaptable baby carrier on the market from the very beginning, and thus since 2010.

The sustainability aspect comes into play in the choice of materials, production and packaging.

What started with the development of the original Buzzidil full-buckle carrier in the living room has since grown significantly. Not only in terms of assortment, but also the company itself.

So in the assortment of Buzzidil I now find the buckle baby carrier (presented by me in the article Buzzidil baby carrier [review]), which as already mentioned has been further developed again and again. Other carriers from the manufacturer are BuzziTai (also tested by me in the article BuzziTai baby carrier [review]), which can be used as a mei tai/half-buckle or as a full-buckle carrier, Wrapidil (a wrap conversion, which I introduce in the article Buzzidil Wrapidil Carrier [review] ), BuzziBu (a hybrid carrier that I also tested in the article BuzziBu by Buzzidil [review]), the Preschooler Full-Buckle for larger children, as well as slings and ring slings.

Additionally, I find doll carriers and various accessories or supplies in the online store.

Some of the products are sold through Amazon.

By the way, Buzzidil baby carriers can also be custom made upon request.

Information about the Buzzidil Evolution baby carrier

Buzzidil Evolution is a full-buckle carrier, i.e. a carrier that can be completely buckled. I can wear with it both in front of the belly (with straight or crossed straps) and on the back or even on the hip.

The Buzzidil Evolution carrier will now increasingly replace the Buzzidil Versatile. Just like its predecessor, the Buzzidil Evolution comes in three different sizes: Babysize, Standard and XL.

According to the manufacturer, the Babysize should fit 52cm and 86cm, Standard between 62cm and 98cm, and XL between 74cm and 104cm. Following this, if required, there is still the Preschooler from Buzzidil.

Price-wise, the carrier is just under 150€, although some special models can be a bit more expensive. Thus, it is in the middle price range of baby carriers.

Presentation of the baby carrier in a video

<<<<<<< HEAD

What makes the baby carrier special, what details it has ready and how it is generally built, I present to you in a video.

More impressions of the baby carrier Buzzidil Evolution

I have photographed some details of the carrier and you can see them below.


BuzzidilVersatile and Evolution - changes

The Buzzidil Evolution is the further development of the Buzzidil Versatile. I would like to describe the most important changes. Basically, many things have remained the same, details have changed.

  1. The stay adjustment still works with two cord stoppers. However, the drawstring for this is now no longer straight, but slightly slanted. Thus, the back part automatically shortens in a small bar setting and therefore fits small babies better now.
  2. At the back of the knees, the Buzzidil Versatile, just like previous models, had pads that were not directly connected to the back section. This has now changed so that they are integrated directly into the back section.
  3. The straps can be attached to the waist belt and to the back section. When I use the waist belt attachment, I can now put the buckles directly on the back section into small pockets so they don't interfere or irritate.
  4. On the carrier, the webbing has also changed so that it no longer runs, as before partially double, but there is a "simple" webbing everywhere. This allows me to make straps much looser, which can be handy when wearing with crossed straps, among other things.
  5. The headrest I can now adjust a little easier and use more intuitively.
Vergleich StegeinstellungVergleich KniepolsterVergleich Rückenteilbefestigung

My experience of carrying with the new Buzzidil carrier

I tried out the new Buzzidil Evolution carrier both with almost two-year-old daughter and with different sized demo dolls in different variations.

The innovations have really convinced me. Especially with the newborn doll, I could see that the carrier is now much easier to adjust to the size of the baby. The slight slope in the bar adjustment makes a lot of difference here.

Tragen vor dem Bauch mit der NeugeborenenpuppeDetailaufnahme beim Tragen vor dem Bauch mit der Neugeborenenpuppe

With my daughter, who wore about size 86 at the time of the test, the bar width was already a little too tight, which is why I would rather reach for the next size with her.

Tragen vor dem BauchDetailaufnahme beim Tragen vor dem Bauch

However, the wearing was very comfortable even over a longer period of time and in verscheidenen variants. The strap could be tightened well and the carrier overall well adapted to me. Belly strap and straps I could tighten sufficiently, which is not possible for me with all full-buckle carriers. At the same time, there was still plenty of room to maneuver with the length of the straps, so that even larger parents can wear the carrier well.

Tragen auf dem RückenWeitere Aufnahem beim Tragen auf dem Rücken

Through the double pull system of the straps in the lower area, larger parents also come comfortably to the buckles for later loosening.

Tragen auf dem Rücken mit der Demopuppe

When crossing the straps in front of my belly, I found the safety buckle to be a bit annoying when loosening and it was a bit more cumbersome to open compared to a "single" buckle.

I find the pockets for stowing the buckles on the back section handy, as it keeps them out of the way when I attach the straps to the belly belt. In general, for babies who can't sit independently yet, I would recommend attaching the straps to the belly strap to avoid pulling on the back. Personally, I prefer it from the wearing feeling even beyond that, but that is a matter of taste.

Washing and care of the stretcher

According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be hand washed at 30 degrees.

My conclusion about the Buzzidil Evolution carrier

The Buzzidil Evolution carrier has convinced me!

The changes to the "old model" are also very positive and make the carrier more adaptable and intuitive to use.

Wearing I felt even after a long time as very comfortable and got no tension or pressure points. Only the safety buckle on the straps bothered me a bit when wearing with crossed straps, because it is not so easy to release with it.

The price-performance ratio is very good, the carrier is high quality. It allows ergonomic carrying for baby and parents.

You can read about the criteria you should look for when buying a baby carrier (and which, by the way, this carrier meets all of them) in my guest article on Buzzidil's blog.

Your opinion

Do you know one or more Buzzidil baby carriers? How do they perform in your test? What exactly do you like about them or what maybe you don't like?

Do you already know the new version Buzzidil Evolution? If so, what do you think of the changes from the previous model?

Do you have any questions about the carrier? Or any comments on my article? I look forward to a comment from you!

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