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BuzziTai carrier

For a long time I had nothing more to test, at least not in the context of a test trip. Now I had the opportunity to test the "new" carrier BuzziTai from the house Buzzidil. This carrier is at the same time a mei-tai or half-buckle carrier (belly strap with buckle, straps to tie) and a full-buckle carrier (completely to buckle), so quasi two carriers in one.

In the following article, I will show you how this system works, how it was implemented and what else is special about this baby carrier.


About the manufacturer

Buzzidil is a manufacturer from Austria. The BuzziTai is the latest baby carrier from the manufacturer. It all started with the Buzzidil baby carrier, a full-buckle-only carrier. It was joined by the Wrapidil baby carrier, a wrap conversion, and BuzziBu, a hybrid baby carrier that can be used as an onbuhimo and a full-buckle carrier. In addition, Buzzidil's store has their own slings, ring slings, doll carriers, and various accessories.

I have already tested many of these carriers.

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Ich trage meine Tochter in der Tragehilfe BuzziTai. Eine Detailaufnahme des Logos.

The website also describes some of the advantages of babywearing. Among them are the developmental support for the baby and the freedom of movement for the parents.

About the baby carrier

As I wrote in the introduction, the BuzziTai is two baby carriers in one. You have a half-buckle and a full-buckle carrier at the same time, without having to change individual parts.

According to the manufacturer, the carrier is suitable from birth to an age of about 2 years. In my experience, the carrier is likely to be too small for most children much earlier, at least if the fabric is to go to the back of the knees.

The price of the carrier is just under 150 € and is thus in the middle price range for baby carriers.

Introduction of the BuzziTais in the video

How the carrier is built, what special features it offers and what else you need to know, I explain in the following video.


I have now tested the baby carrier for a few days in different variations. I have used it as a half-buckle variant in front of the belly, as a full-buckle carrier with straight straps also in front and on the back and as a full-buckle carrier also with crossed straps in front of the belly. This allowed me to gain a variety of experiences in carrying.

Ich trage meine Tochter in der Tragehilfe BuzziTai vor dem Bauch.

I tested together with my 13-month-old daughter, who weighs about 8kg and wears size 74.

Ich trage meine Tochter in der Tragehilfe BuzziTai vor dem Bauch. Ich stehe mit dem Rücken zum Betrachter.

I found that the bar width was just right for her. The padding at the back of the knees I pulled thereby still something to the side. For larger children, the fabric then consequently no longer goes all the way to the back of the knee.

Detailaufnahme - Kordel für die StegbreiteDetailaufnahme - Schlaufe für die Kopfstütze

On the carrier, my daughter found the loop for attaching the headrest sometimes a little annoying, which improved when I put her differently in the carrier and changed the settings.

Ich trage meine Tochter in der Tragehilfe BuzziTai. Eine Detailaufnahme von der Einstellung am Schlüsselbein.

Overall, the carrier felt very comfortable in all variations, even with extended use. I appreciated the versatility of the carrier. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages.

Ich trage meine Tochter in der Tragehilfe BuzziTai auf dem Rücken.

When using it as a full-buckle carrier, I sometimes had to be a little careful that the fabric of the straps fit well and didn't slip, but this can be handled well by neatly laying and fastening them under the tabs.

The front padding buckle also seemed practical to me when used as a half-buckle carrier. Thus, even afterwards something can be pulled tighter, if there is a need here. This feature is also very handy for breastfeeding in a baby carrier, because it means I don't have to loosen the knot.

You can read more about breastfeeding in a baby carrier in my article Breastfeeding in a Baby Carrier.

For back carrying, the chest strap is already integrated through the connection buckle, which is also to be noted as practical in this case.

Detailaufnahme - SchnallensteckerDetailaufnahme - Schnalle

I could imagine that the baby carrier offers too many functions and options for some parents. However, once you understand how everything works, you will love this versatility.

Detailaufnahme - Seitenkordel der TragehilfeDetailaufnahme - Bauchgurt

In my experience from my babywearing consultations, many parents prefer to use a half-buckle carrier with small babies because it feels more "cuddly" or "snug". When the children grow up and become more mobile, the advantages of a full-buckle carrier often outweigh the disadvantages, because nothing hangs on the floor when the child wants to walk in between, for example.

Detailaufnahme - Buzzidil LogoDetailaufnahme - Einstellgurt vorne

I would rather recommend the full-buckle version to parents whose children are already sitting down, because the attachment of the buckles to the back part creates increased pressure on the middle back. This should be avoided before the sitting age if possible. This is also confirmed by the manufacturer Buzzidil in a similar form on its website.


According to Buzzidil, the carrier is hand washable at 30 degrees.


The BuzziTai is an incredibly versatile carrier that really surprised me. It is easily converted from one to the other. Due to the different carrying aid systems that are available here in one, everyone gets their money's worth.

Ich trage meine Tochter in der Tragehilfe BuzziTai auf dem Rücken. Ansicht von vorne.

Through the different options are then, however, also many details integrated, which could overwhelm some parents. A good briefing or a thorough reading of the instructions helps here but certainly further.

For me, the carrier was very comfortable in all variants when wearing. From the size I would say that it will not fit many children up to an age of 24 months (at least not so that the fabric sits as recommended in the back of the knees).

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