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Kokadi Flip carrier

Kokadi is now one of the best-known German manufacturers of slings and carrying aids in Germany, which is why in my babywearing consultations are always asked about the carrying aids of Kokadi. After I have already tested the TaiTai for you, here comes the test report on the Kokadi Flip.

In this test you will find out why I can recommend the Kokadi Flip baby carrier from an ergonomic point of view, but still advise you to try it out and test it before you buy it.


Information about the carrier and first impression

The German manufacturer Kokadi was founded in 2010 by Ceyda Temur. She herself writes about Kokadi:

We combine organic farming with sustainable production, environmental awareness, conservation of resources and fair wages with trendy design, elegance and current fashion.

Since 2014, there is also Pupidu as a sister company of Kokadi, which produces cloth diapers, partly also from the Kokadi slings.

The carrier, just like Kokadi's TaiTai, is available in three different sizes. According to the manufacturer, the baby size fits from birth to about size 80, the Toddlersize from size 74 to about size 98 and the last size, Toddler XL, finally from size 86 to size 104. In my experience, the bar width in Toddlersize was already no longer suitable at size 92, so that I would then have to change to the next size, where then but the back part is relatively very long again.

How I found the carrier TaiTai you can read in my article test report Kokadi TaiTai.

The Kokadi Flip is a full-buckle carrier, because both the waist belt and the carrier are closed with buckles. In the meantime, the buckle has been changed again and again. I still have the side buckle, meanwhile it is centered. However, I was able to test the centered buckle in another baby carrier, the Kokadi WrapStar. Therefore, I can transfer my experience.

By the way, you can read about my experiences with the Kokadi WrapStar in my article Test Report Kokadi WrapStar.

The new price of the carrier is, depending on the model, at least 129€. Most models, however, are at 159€ upwards. There are standard models, as well as limited models, which are only available in a certain number of pieces. The backs are sewn from the manufacturer's slings, so almost all sling designs that are newly launched by Kokadi are also available as baby carriers.

In addition to Kokadi's own online store, the Flip can also be purchased through many other online stores, such as Amazon.*.

Der Kokadi Flip. Eine Detailaufnahme eines Trägers.Der Kokadi Flip. Eine Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts.

The straps and belly strap are made of black organic cotton and padded with foam. The waist belt is very firm and stable. The straps are relatively, for a full-buckle carrier, narrow. The padding is in the middle range compared to other baby carriers for buckling, neither excessively thick, nor very thin. The straps can be attached to the baby size only on the waist belt, which should prevent excessive pull on the back of the still small baby. In the next sizes, there is also the possibility of attaching the straps to the back part. This then also changes the pressure on the shoulders of the wearer.

Der Kokadi Flip kann mithilfe eines Gummizugs im Nacken angepasst werden.Der Kokadi Flip. Eine Detailaufnahme der Nackenschnalle.

The neck buckle can be changed in height. Overall, it is a simple buckle system, as there are only two adjustment options here. The other adjustment option is in the front, with which, for example, the padding of the carrier, can be pulled back onto the shoulder. Also, this changes the pressure overall. The width on the baby's head can be changed with an elastic band and buttons. The headrest can be attached to the counterpart on the straps with snaps. Here the "jingling" of the buttons is noticeable. However, this was changed a short time ago, so the manufacturer now uses snaps that do not make noise. The web width can be changed using Velcro on the waist belt.

When worn

I have tested the Kokadi Flip in the sizes baby and Toddlersize over a longer period of time again and again. For me personally, I found the carrier very comfortable for my son up to about 8kg and thus still in the baby size. The straps can be pulled very tight, whereby I could tighten the carrier well as a very narrow mom. The buckle system itself is very simple and thus user-friendly design, yet it can be comfortably adjusted and adjusted by the two buckles.

Tragebild vom Kokadi Flip bei meinem Equipmentshooting mit CEWE-Color in Oldenburg.

From a greater weight, however, I felt the flip no longer comfortable, so that I quickly got severe neck tension and therefore used the stretcher less. I tested it again and again over time and came to the same conclusion for me. In the carrying consultations I could make the experience that the stretcher can be adjusted both with very narrow, as well as with more corpulent parents mostly well. More corpulent parents, however, reported more frequently that the straps cut into the baby. Breastfeeding mothers also sometimes had problems with this, especially in the lateral chest area.

The carrier fits even small babies with size 50 usually already very well. For heavier children, it has sometimes helped to attach the straps to the back of the carrier, so that the weight distribution has changed.

Back carrying with the Kokadi Flip

On my youtube channel I show in a video a way how to put on the Kokadi Flip on the back.


Just like the TaiTai, the manufacturer recommends hand washing for the carrier, even though the sewn sling is a pure cotton sling. I never had any problems with this. However, the carrier took a comparatively long time to dry because of the thick padding on the straps.

Conclusion on the Kokadi Flip

With the Kokadi Flip, an ergonomic posture can generally be made possible for the baby as well as for mom or dad. Depending on the proportions of the wearer, it fits, like all other carriers, sometimes worse and sometimes better, which is why I recommend testing before buying.

Regarding the carrying comfort, I have had very good experiences with a lower weight, with heavier children I personally find the carrier uncomfortable. Many of my consulting parents have had similar experiences, but some found the carrier comfortable even with larger children.

Qualitatively, I find this baby carrier good, although after several washes light pilling has occurred on the back part.

Your opinion/your experiences

How would you rate carrying with this carrier? How did you feel when putting it on, was the Flip comfortable for you? What was your experience with washing the carrier?

I'm very curious to hear how you liked the Kokadi Flip. Let me know in a comment below this review.

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