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Natalie Clauss

The great breastfeeding insole test [Part 4]

After I have already presented different manufacturers in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, I have been sent more nursing pads for testing by Hug & Grow, which I would like to report here. In this part, I will introduce you to nursing pads from Little Lamb and XKKO.

Little Lamb (Bamboo)

Little Lamb is a very old manufacturer with a long family tradition, but initially limited to the jeans business. The Pfaff family has been producing and selling fabrics since 1908, but they have also been sewing their own cloth diapers for quite some time. On the website I can read that Little Lamb was one of the first cloth diaper manufacturers to have an online store. Further, the manufacturer writes that quality and durability of the diapers is particularly close to their hearts.

Stilleinlagen Little Lamb Bambus. Aufnahme einer Seite.Stilleinlagen Little Lamb Bambus. Aufnahme der anderen Seite.

Little Lamb's nursing pads are made of 100% bamboo in the two outer layers. The pads have a PU layer as wetness protection, which is supposed to prevent the clothes from drawing wetness. A sewn-in tag here shows which is the outer layer. Compared to the other nursing pads I've tested so far, these are extra thin and soft. They come in two different sizes: 11cm and 14cm. I tested the smaller inserts. They are available at Hug & Grow, for example, where they are priced at €16.90 for 5 pairs. They also come with a small laundry net. They are therefore one of the cheaper nursing pads.

In testing, I noticed during the first wash that I had an incredible amount of black lint on my hands. I feared that I would then also have these on the breast when they get wet. In fact, this was the case at first. However, after washing several times, there was no more excess lint, so I was able to use the inserts well. Since they are very thin, they don't bunch up under clothing, but they also wrinkle fairly quickly. I was also amazed at the absorbency despite the thinness. I would classify the absorbency in the medium range, which was perfectly sufficient for me in everyday life. By the way, even after washing, the inserts are still as soft as new.

Kikko/ XKKO (Bamboo)

Kikko is a manufacturer from the Czech Republic that, in addition to nursing pads, also produces various infant items such as cloth diapers. It was founded back in 2000, but at that time it was known mainly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since then, the manufacturer has become more and more well-known and the product range has been significantly expanded from what used to be only cotton diapers. There are also plans for the company's own cloth collection, as can be read on the website

Stilleinlagen Kikko/ XXKO Bambus. Aufnahme einer Seite.Stilleinlagen Kikko/ XXKO Bambus. Aufnahme der anderen Seite.

The bamboo nursing pads from Kikko are very similar to those from Little Lamb in terms of material. The two outer layers are also 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. In between there is a layer of PUL. One side of the inserts is finished in a high pile, the other is smooth. From the thickness they remind me of the insoles of Petit Lulu, they are rather thick, but soft. The diameter here is about 10.5cm. From Kikko, in addition to the bamboo nursing pads, there are also some made of organic cotton as an alternative. Both are available, for example, through Hug & Grow and cost 12.90 € (3 pairs).

Here hardly loosened fibers during washing, so I did not have to wipe the nipple before breastfeeding. Due to the thickness, the nursing pads are also sometimes visible through clothing. The high-floor side sucks very well and quickly. I find the suction good overall, so it was enough for me in most cases. However, I had to make sure that I always had the same side inside, because when it has to go fast, the sides are quite similar. What I like is that there are hardly any wrinkles with the inserts. After washing, without dryer use, the inserts become a little firmer, but not completely stiff. They were not uncomfortable on the chest even then.

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